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The Online Course on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is taught differently by EPIC from all other competitors in Vietnam and elsewhere in the World. EPIC communicates directly with the students of the EPIC online courses on SEO. Keys are provided, but there are no recorded videos. Learning SEO Online will free the mind, and allow the students of EPIC to act as real Freelancers. It gives those who wish to take the course to operate with swinging flexibility. And everyone can learn SEO. SEO is no longer an esoteric art, to be practiced by mysterious practitioners, but it is khoa hoc seo, which in the Vietnamese, simply means “the science of seo”, or “seo science”.

Some Advantages

The following advantages are offered by the EPIC course on SEO:

  • This Online course can be learnt anywhere, even in the privacy and comfort of the home. Convenience of the Learner is the only consideration.
  • Next, the course is taught 24 hours of the day, all 365 days of the year.
  • These are not just pre-recorded videos.
  • Live Chat is used to impart teaching, as is appropriate with the Covid19 Pandemic environment existing, and Zoom is often used if the Learner requests.
  • This is a closely personalized mode of Teaching, which is perfect for even rank beginners.
  • Continuous Updating is carried out by the Teachers and Course Administrators, which ensure that each student is at par with the Learners anywhere else in the world.


The further advantages of learning SEO Reality Online from EPIC are as follows:

  • Knowledge is constantly updated on the running course by the Teachers of EPIC.
  • Sources all over the entire world are on tap with EPIC, and provide on-the-spot information to the students whenever asked for. The student is fully armed to tackle any commercial or financial problems of his or her business.
  • Content and Backlink comparisons are made easy by EPIC on this course. The intrinsic nature of each activity is clearly explained.
  • The fact that SEO is a science, or khoa hoc seo, is proven by EPIC.