What Services Can You Hire A Limousine For?

May 3, 2019 • By

Connecticut lies in Southern New England. It comes with a mix of both rural areas and coastal cities which are full of little towns. With its museums that house centuries old ships, natural history and more; Connecticut is a state which shouldn’t be missed. There are a lot of ways to tour Connecticut and the most popular options amongst them are renting a car or taking public transport. Both these options will get uncomfortable really soon when you will be stuck in traffic. The alternative which is more comfortable is hiring a limo service connecticut. Also contrary to popular opinions, it isn’t for the rich and it isn’t expensive at all. It also comes with lots of modern amenities. Moreover, a link service caters to various events. So you can hire a limo to:

Bachelorette party

Seen those movies where the bride-to-be throws a bachelorette party in a bus limousine? Surely you would like something like that for yourself as well. Now you can because limo service Connecticut does offer party buses where you can bond with your bridesmaids as you enjoy drinks, food and amazing music. Along with music there is also a dance floor and strobe lights to bring on the party feel. Many limo services do allow their customers to bring in an entertainer as well.


Get ready to arrive in style. The bride and groom can arrive at the reception venue and even ride to the honeymooner’s hotel like royalty. Getting a limo service for this is bound to be one of the highlights of the special occasion.

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A Milestone birthday

There are some birthdays which are really special and mark something important. This could be a transition from being a teenager to finally stepping into adulthood or it could mark a special age like 16 or 25. Since this is literally once in a lifetime event, it makes sense to celebrate it with all the grandeur you deserve. What better way to celebrate it in rather than in a limo service of connecticut. You can easily throw a party in it with a few intimate guests and bottoms up to your heart’s content. Coupled with music and snacks, you will have a gala time.

Prom night

How about instead of going to a hotel to celebrate the peon night, celebrate your child’s big night by hiring a chauffered limo service connecticut. Renting a limo will let your kid arrive in style at the prom venue and ensure that your child has fun, all the while remaining safe. There are limousine services which do offer non alcoholic drinks and other age appropriate services as well.

Airport pick ups

You can surprise your clients, visitors or family who are coming to visit you by sending them a limousine pick up. They will have fun and get to have a little luxurious rest after their long flight. With the snacks and drinks available therein, they will surely have a good time.

So hiring a limousine is bound to be an exciting and fun way to add spice to any event. This unique way of travelling will sure be remembered by you for years to come.