Behind the Scenes and In Front of the Camera

January 26, 2020 • By

Sophisticated. Elegant. Filled with the richest people on earth. That is what many people think of when they think of “country club”. But did you know that these country clubs are still in need of people to manage them? Believe it or not, country clubs do not always go as smooth as it may seem. You will see servers in tip-top shape, food from the best chefs, and drinks to last a lifetime. However, the clubs need the support of a country club management if they want to be at the top spot of Forbes Magazine.

Country clubs were all the jazz back in the days. When you are a part of a country club you are considered an elite. And of course, during the heyday days, and even now, actually, everyone who knew they had a shot at reaching that goal wanted to be a part of the elite team.

Lately, though, people at this day and age, particularly the millennials, are wary about joining said clubs. Not many are eager to be a part of a club that has a history of bigotry. And, they believe that they would be paying too much for something they can live without then miss out on other essential items.

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But there are still those who believe in this ideal. There are those who say that being in the country club gave them real friends, a close bond between the two or more in the party, and a place they can always count on. They even wish for their kids to be a part of their country club to be able to experience what they have. Country clubs can take anyone in, young or old, as long as they meet the requirements.

It is hard to deny that there will be gossiping, the talk of the town when a rumor begins spreading about a fellow club member. It can range from an overheard whisper, a run-in in the grocery, or, when worse comes to worst, they are forced to leave the club without an explanation. People can make up stories they want people to believe if that scenario ever occurs, but you have to admit, there will still be those who will dig up the truth or allow themselves to be carried away.

But that is why the management teams are there. They keep things under control. They work behind the scenes and in front of the camera to make sure that each and every one is being accommodated well. They want to give you the best experience you will ever have. No matter who you are, they will give you the chance.