The hit release with the No Face

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This could mark the unpredictable story of No Face Spirited Away which could be significant in terms of telling the story about the girl trapped in the world of spirits. This could be also a better one with the box-office juggernaut which could be totally based on the homeland, thus proving to be the profitable film which could mark a huge acknowledgement throughout the country, which could be easily successful to overtake the Titanic’s Japanese box-office.This could also mark Its reception with the American shores which could be really a bit different.

No Face

How could it gain much popularity?

The appearance could be totally marked with about 151 screens right at the time of the September 2002 release, this could make it enough to actually sink from sight, as well as got totally returned to spotlight over a Mercer  course of awards, this could then mark the access to the numerous critic based awards, which could be really marked prior to the management  to win “Best Animated Feature Oscar”. This could really become a remarkable one with two offers to the strange creatures, as well could be the best with the truly enigmatic. There is also an option to go well with the figure/thing as well as an entity which could give rise to the No Face.

How can the relation be drawn?

This has nothing to do well with the resemblance of the masks which can then from the  Japanese Noh Theater. One can be pretty sure that No Face’s presence, as well as the actions, can actually be never fully explained with the help of Miyazaki, which can actually help the people come up with one idea related to his actions.Official website can help a lot.


There are plenty of the thoughts and ideas which could work also better with the Hayao Miyazaki’s masked enigma. With the start, one can mark the character watching spirits pass by. With this, he discovers that no one pays any mind to him, and soon it is Chihiro who notices him. her eyes look at the character for a few moments, as well as we can see that he stares after her.