How to check whether an N95 mask is an authentic one?

December 21, 2020 • By

Wearing mask becomes extremely important in this pandemic situation. Choosing the right mask makes a lot of difference. The N95 mask is popular all around the world because it is recommended by health experts. This particular mask is extremely in demand, and many scam online store selling fewer quality masks.

So, you have to very conscious while buying face masks. You have to buy N95 mask only from the certified sellers. If you use the mask that is uncertified, then you put yourself in higher risks. If you want to protect you or your loved ones buy the quality masks from the best store. There are a few ways to check whether the mask is reliable or not. Here are a few points to keep in mind while checking the face mask.

  • All NIOSH-approved face masks come with an approval label on the packaging. Also, it comes with user instructions. Once you received the mask packaging, you have to check whether it is certified or not.
  • The certified masks will have the approval number and NIOSH markings. It will not have any decorative fabric. The counterfeit face masks come with the presence of ear loops instead of headbands.
  • Fewer quality products can be purchased at lower prices. NIOSH is often misspelled in counterfeit face masks. The counterfeit mask seller recommends it for children, but it should not be used for the children.
  • Now, after checking the appearance of the mask wear and see the functions of the mask. The certified mask does not blow out anything. Only the poor quality masks put the flame out. The certified masks are made up of quality material, but it is breathable.
  • When you wear the quality certified masks, you can smell the fragrance only slightly. If you can smell things without any force, then it is insufficient with the filtration. Next, the surgical masks come with the waterproof layer. You should test the mask by dropping water in it. The certified masks do not leak out water.
  • Thus, test your mask with the above points. To protect from the disease ensure that you buy N95 mask from the quality seller.