Always there to deal with high impact

May 21, 2021 • By

High support sports bra keeps you stable irrespective of your size or the type of sport you play. The sports bra that you require should be according to the purpose of what you are doing as well as your cup size.

Your breasts require some extra hold while you are practicing yoga or running. To overcome the challenge of keeping your breasts intact is to find the best high impact sports bra that will provide support and keep your breasts from flailing up and down.

Why is it important to have a good sports bra for running?

The eccentric motion of running causes your breast to move I a figure of eight motion- up and down as much as eight inches. This puts your connective tissues that help support your breasts under huge strain. Without the correct support, you are more likely to cause lasting damage to them and even experience soreness in your breasts.

It is found that low to medium impact support bras reduce the bounce but are not so much of use when it comes to restricting side-to-side motion.

There are three levels of support that sports bra offers- low, medium, and high.

A high-impact sports bra is useful when performing activities such as running, Zumba, biking, etc. The construction of these bras is done with a defined cup structure, to enclose and support each breast. Some bras use compression and encapsulation to provide better support.

Tips for getting the perfect fit-

  • Close-fitting, but not too tight- a sports bra is meant to be a bit tighter than a regular bra but it should not hinder your breathing.
  • Creases are bad- make sure that the fabric on your cup is smooth, if there is a crease it means that the cup size is too big for you and vice-versa.