Useful tips for the game in defense of the ancients or DOTA

November 27, 2019 • By

These are some of my tips for playing DOTA:

Tip 1: Grow gold at the beginning of the game

Farming at the beginning of the game is an effective way to get basic elements faster. The more gold you can get, the faster your hero will become strong. Get gold as soon as possible to gain an advantage from the opponents. Keep in mind that no matter how large the gap with your level, if you already have basic elements, it will be more difficult for another group to win the game.

Tip 2 Last hit or death

Most new people have difficulty receiving the last blow or murder, and I’ve been like that before. Try holding down the ALT key to see the lifeline of the creeps, characters, buildings, etc. If the health bars are low enough and you also think you can really destroy them with a single blow, go to it and then hit. The last blow offers you gold, as well as much more experience for your hero. This is also a way to stay out of reach of the opposing team.

Tip 3 Team play

You must be able to work with your team to get rid of all the competitors or win the game. You must prepare so that everything goes well. When trying to eliminate an opponent or opponents, try to suggest or listen to your group regarding the technique they will use. Make sure everyone works together to make your plan work.

Tip 4 Build an article for your hero

Assembling elements for the hero is important. Don’t spend your gold on things you don’t need. Try to read some guides to keep abreast of the correct set of elements for a specific hero. These elements will make your hero harder and increase his survival.

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Tip 5 hot keys for skills

The hot keys are certainly useful in the game. Instead of clicking on each skill, you just need to press a key on your own keyboard, and then the ability overlaps. Try to scroll over the image of the skill, there you will see pop-up information about this ability, including mana cost, cooldown and name, note that the name of the skill contains a character of a different color, that ‘I will be a Keyboard shortcut for your skill. Since conflicts in a team last only a few seconds, this will save you time and you can use all your skills in a very short time. Try to master the time and skill keys for each hero so you can play better.

Tip 6 Keep practicing

People who gained worldwide recognition when you buy dota 2 battle cup wins game did not start playing with such skill. They keep practicing every day or every night. They also look at several guides and study them to improve their skills and correct their defects.