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Now, when you speak correctly to your peers and help your team, it is rewarding! The rewards may not be huge Overwatch boosting, but they make your team feel good. The rewards may not be great, but it’s always something worth trying when playing a sport.

There are three types of endorsements, each essentially corresponding to unique aspects of the game and an attitude toward your opponent. Sportsmanship, a good teammate, and a pitcher.


These three elements are the cornerstones of the positivity that Riot’s creators are trying to create.

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  • The first is the optimism and respect with which participants treat both their teammates and their opponents.
  • The second is an informative and communicative teammate who will do whatever it takes to help you win.
  • The third is the people who have highlighted the most management material among them.

They navigate and coordinate attacks and incur costs if they need to be managed. They bring your staff together with the goal of making your campaign a success. They may not be the most professional of the group, but they will take the initiative and lead the process of turning your team into one.

This is the key to everything, and all of these players are among the highest rated in the market. Especially since this game is itself a team game, the more you work with each other, the easier the game becomes. Also, if you refer someone, you get an extra 50 XP. This is an extra incentive to recommend someone.

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