Inquiry – Auto parts: how to choose them by avoiding traps

July 1, 2019 • By

Your windshield wiper produces an unbearable squeak, your tires are limited or your alternator has just let go and you are lost to the plethora of parts available on the market? Do not make the mistake of taking anyone, thinking that “it’s the same thing”, because it’s far from being the case. To make the best choice in this world of confusion, follow our advice.

Before you begin: What is a “renowned” brand?

In this article, we will frequently refer to renowned subcontractors. The problem is that it is difficult to know who is renamed (therefore more or less reliable) and who is not. In fact, in our small automotive field, it is the builders who sorted it out for you. They selected subcontractors who could manufacture parts to equip their production. Although many of their criteria are far from those of the end customer (cost, time, responsiveness, production capacity …), the selected manufacturers are ultimately those who best control the part in question.  Spark plugs uk is the brand name in auto parts.

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A tip: if you are tempted by a brand you do not know, go to the website of the brand: SEO, appearance, and quality of the site, presence and clarity of legal information are all information to be taken from proof of the quality of a brand. And if after that, you still doubt, abstain.

Since the very beginning of the automobile, there have been people able to manufacture identical parts – but sometimes better or worse – than those originally planned by the manufacturer. A simple reason: on the first cars of the early 20th century, there were hardly any spare parts. Repairers (often ex-blacksmiths) made them themselves, these cars being relatively primitive assemblies.

Subsequently, this market was of course structured. The general organization of subcontracting has favored a certain standardization. It has become difficult to know who owned what: when the same platinum screws equip both Peugeot and Ford, how to return to Caesar? Especially as a car, do not forget, is an assembly of parts from different sources, in particular from subcontractors. These can be linked by exclusive contracts with the manufacturer, but this is not the norm In general, they are free to offer their products in other parts distribution circuits than the manufacturer and they do not deprive it.

For all these reasons, the production and sale of parts that could be described as “copies” is therefore free