What you need to expect from a luxury safari?

March 10, 2020 • By

The word “luxury” is subjective. The idea of ​​one person’s luxury is the idea of ​​hell of another person, especially in safari. Fortunately, you can discover your luxury experience in all areas, for those looking for the best safari.

For some, Penwell Safaris means a private mobile camp with luxury tents set up in best gaming region, with its own guide and personal vehicle. This will mean that your company is chosen around you and will spend days with complete freedom and exclusivity. There really is nothing better than whatever you think of luxury. For those who want more decoration, you will have Persian rugs next to their beds with beautiful springs, as well as candle holders and silverware for eating under an African sky. You will no doubt have the best guides the country can produce, providing you with the best safari. You might want to have your own villa or private house on the coast, with excellent staff who can handle all your whims. You will have a private boat and a skipper who will take you to different islands so you can explore, dive and where you can dive from.

Another experience might be getting the best money you can buy, such as an elephant safari in Botswana. Here you spend your days exploring the Okavango Delta on an elephant, where you can approach the wildlife, because the smell of a person is masked by the smell of an elephant. The best luxury safari will give you exactly what you want and more!

african wildlife

Another way to experience the best luxury safari is to have your own plane that takes you from one place to another, and the best pilot guides can also be provided. A perfect example is on the coast of Skeleton in Namibia, where he flies from camp to camp, and his guides are the most knowledgeable people in the country. Here they give life to this region, and this is truly unique in safari life, which tops many lists!

For those who are looking for the most traditional use of the word, you can have your own shelters and beautiful houses that have been carefully decorated with the best interior designers in the world, every bend and fabric that you see will delight the eye. Perhaps a beautiful hostel with ocean views in Cape Town or Mozambique, or a great hostel in Kenya that has a 360-degree view of the environment? Or an impressive country house in tree branches in the main forest where you can see gorillas or chimpanzees.

But the best luxury safaris are those that minimize travel fuss, give you free space and freedom, and give you the best guide. Why not start planning your own idea of ​​a luxury safari today?