Set Up Patio Sectional Set And Elevate Your Outdoors

September 23, 2019 • By

Madbury Road is a company which provides the best outdoor patio sets in the area. The company was formed together by two friends as a company which would provide quality furniture at not so exorbitant prices. So far, they have done a great job at that too. They have made cheap and quality furniture possible and accessible to a lot of people. The founders are Brady Bartlett and Tim Clement. They played tennis for the university together and ended up forming a company together with the name based on the street on which they lived in the college days.

Weather-proof furniture

Their patio sectional set  is all-weather set so you can keep them outdoors all around the year if you want. Although they also sell quality commercial furniture for hotels and industries, it’s their patio sets which garner them the most praises.

Their patios are not only comfortable, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Their patio furniture can be categorized into certain types.

Types of furniturepatio sectional set

  • Sectionals: While earlier thought that sectionals are just for the living room, they can now be for your patio as well. The patios are weatherproof so it ensures that your family is wrapped in comfort all year round. The materials used are anti-rust, anti-fade and mildew resistant. You can have them L-shaped or U-shaped according to your choice. Want to put your feet up, you can have them with ottomans as well
  • Outdoor Daybeds: Your best shot at getting a multipurpose bed. They can easily seat 1-8 people and frankly who would not want to miss out on this comfort. These are versatile and weatherproof. Round daybeds ensure everyone has a say in the conversation.
  • Outdoor Bistro Dining Table: They also offer bistro dining tables for the outdoors. These are perfect for outdoor dining and now family and friends can sit together high up and enjoy their food.
  • Hanging Chairs: Simply adds to the level of sophistication this. Hanging chairs come in all shapes and sizes and are tons more comfortable than conventional ones. They are versatile and can be easily moved.

Get Madbury Road furniture today

You can contact their website and services and they will help you with getting the best out of your patio sectional set possible and they will ensure that they look the best on your porch and garden.