Melanotan 2 and Other Peptides, Their Functions in Body Functions and Growth

March 13, 2019 • By

Peptides are formed by binding amino acids and have a shorter sequence than larger ones, known as proteins. Some of the most important and basic functions of the body are performed by peptides. Research laboratories in some countries have developed several categories of peptides, such as Melanotan 2, which is responsible for lightening skin tanning and is also used as a prophylactic against various skin diseases that require skin-lightening drugs. and as a cure for skin cancer. Similarly, Bremelanotide is another drug that is undergoing clinical trials and is intended to treat diseases such as sexual dysfunction and erection problems. Although these test compounds have proven to some extent effective, researchers still have to treat the side effects of these peptides.

Interesting compound

The peptide has become the most interesting compound that can be used for various purposes, and it is certainly true that it has successfully aroused interest among research scientists for several reasons. However, the irrelevant sale of products containing Melanotan 2 on the Internet was checked for serious diseases and was terminated by several countries for such reasons. This compound, which was originally developed at the University of Arizona, is still at the testing stage due to its effectiveness, along with the negative effects of accidental use of them to refine skin color. On the other hand, the abuse of peptide, such as Mechano growth factor, was seen among people who play sports, as this leads to generalized muscle growth.

Therefore, the growth factor Mechano is defined as the potential for doping and, sometimes, to overcome muscle weakening with age. If a player loses concentration in the game and tries to use compounds and drugs like these to build muscle, the person’s health will certainly deteriorate a lot. The results of the use of this peptide arose as a result of extensive research conducted throughout the United States. And people should be careful when using them for their visible properties instead of being careful with their constant misuse. It is said that one of the recent peptide fragments, identified as a fragment of HGH 176-191, has the properties of regulating fat or fat metabolism.


While bremelanotide can be very helpful for sexual arousal problems that are currently increasing, the misuse of this compound should be controlled, especially the online sale of this product as a powder or as an injection. The fundamental use of peptides for the human body should not be used in abundance with products such as timosin beta 4, which in the past has been used by several players to develop their muscles.

In summary

Those compounds or peptides that are being studied in laboratories, such as the HGH Fragment 176-191, did not have a significant adverse effect on blood sugar levels in the human body. However, this does not mean that people should have the right to use them for personal purposes, for example, women in love with curvilinear figures. On the other hand, timosin beta 4, which is often said to be abused by players, also showed significant benefits for reactivating damaged heart tissue.