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May 26, 2020 • By

Know this first!

          Many of you would have come across the word called as the bitcoin and wondered what it is all about. This comes under the crypto currency definition and it is exchanged only among the network that is formed within the members of the community who have agreed to use the bitcoin or the crypto currency. As the name suggests, it is a virtual currency and not a real currency. Here is where the 1bitcoin comes into the front as this is used by many people across the world.

How it works:

          The bitcoin users comeunder network which is completely different from the general or the regular currency transaction that happens through the banking system. Since this is a very small group of people dealing in thebitcoin they operate within the range and the bitcoin transaction stays within this network of individuals all across the world.


Using the bitcoin, there are many ways you can make it work like a real even though it is a crypto currency by transactions and by taking part in contests that go on at all times of the year.

The requirements:

          Transactions using the bitcoin involve becoming a member of the community by creating your own account online on the webpage by giving out some data and you will be given a username and password. You have to also give your email and other simple details to become a member. You can login at anytime and take part in the activities like the contests which will enable you to win free bitcoins every hour up to 200USD; you can win referral rewards, and also the peer to peer contests.So, you can click on 1bitcoin and to get to know more.